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English Hymns
Kamis, 07 Desember 2017
EN 1669 Father, Make Us Loving

Versi 1
Father, make us loving, gentle, thoughtful, kind;
Fill us with Thy Spirit, make us of Thy mind.
Help us love each other, more and more each day,
Help us follow Jesus, in the narrow way.

We would learn of Jesus,
Help us here below,
Follow in His footsteps,
Who hath loved us so.
Father, we would ever, live as in Thy sight;
Thou dost know our longings after what is right.
Fill our hearts with kindness as we onward go,
Teach us to be loving, Thou hast loved us so.
Help us to remember, Thou art ever near;
Teach us lovingkindness, tenderness and cheer.
There is much of sorrow, in this world below;
Father, make us loving, Thou hast loved us so.