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Versi 1
There is sound of rejoicing around the great throne,
A whisper of myriad wings;
For the foe that accuseth us lies cast down,
And the choir of angels sings—

Salvation, and honor, and majesty be,
Lord of all power and might unto Thee.
And the soul may approach to her God without dread,
In moment of praise of prayer;
“Fear ye not,” the bright angels of God have said,
“Glad tidings of joy we bear.”
But the hour draweth nigh when the angel shall stand
With foot on the silent shore;
By the Lord he shall swear, as he lifts his hand,
And that Time shall be no more.
And the thunders shall roll, and the dead, great and small,
At the throne of the Judge shall stand;
And the song shall re sound thro‘ the heav‘nly hall,
Of the saints at God‘s right hand.