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English Hymns
Minggu, 11 Maret 2018
EN 3926 I Am Coming Home

Versi 1
Jesus, I am coming home today, for
I have found there‘s joy in Thee alone;
From the path of sin I turn away; now
I am coming home.

Jesus, I am coming home today,
Never, never more from Thee to stray;
Lord, I now accept Thy precious promise,
I am coming home.
Many years my heart has strayed from Thee, and
Now repentant to Thy throne I come;
Jesus opened up the way for me; now
I am coming home.
O the misery my sin has caused me,
Naught but pain and sorrow I have known;
Now I seek Thy saving grace and mercy;
I am coming home.
Fully trusting in Thy precious promise,
With no righteousness to call my own,
Pleading nothing but the blood of Jesus,
I am coming home.
Now I seek the cross where Jesus died! For
All my sins His blood will still atone,
Flowing o‘er till ev‘ry stain is covered;
I am coming home.