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Versi 1
I love to think of Jesus, who else could it be,
Who could come down from Heav‘n to save a soul like me?
To think of Him does not repay the debt I owe,
I‘ll do my best my gratitude to show.

I love to think of Jesus and His love for me;
My soul is lost in wonder that such love could be;
I‘ve known the love of mother,
Of sister, friend and brother,
Like Jesus there‘s no other,
He‘s more than all to me.
I love to think that He has given me a part
In pardon that He purchased with a broken heart;
And oft my eyes are filled with tears as I recall
What He has done for me, and for us all.
I love to think of Jesus when I am distressed,
To think upon His promise brings a blissful rest;
In sorrow, pain and anguish He is near I know,
It is no wonder that I love Him so.
I love to think of Him when tears of sorrow fall,
To know that He has suffered and He knows it all;
It gives me strength to bear my burden nor complain,
I never yet have called to Him in vain.