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Blessed feasts of blessed martyrs,
Saintly days of saintly men,
With affection‘s recollections
Greet we your return again.
Mighty deeds they wrought, and wonders,
While a frame of flesh they bore;
We, with meetest praise and sweetest,
Honor them forevermore.
Faith unblenching, hope unquenching,
Well-loved Lord, and single heart,
Thus they, glorious and victorious,
Bravely bore the martyr‘s part.
Blood in slaughter poured like water,
Torments long and heavy chain,
Flame, and axe, and laceration,
They endured, and conquered pain.
While they passed through divers tortures,
Till they sank by death opprest,
Earth‘s rejected were elected,
To have portion with the blest.
By contempt of worldly pleasures,
And by mighty battle done;
Have they merited with angels,
To be knit for ay in one.
Wherefore made co-heirs of glory,
Ye that sit with Christ on high,
Join to ours your supplication
As for grace and peace we cry,
That, this weary life completed,
And its many labors past,
We may merit to be seated
In our Father‘s home at last.

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