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Carsteen made an impression on the judges with his spirit-filled ministration since day one.

KAMPALA — At just 20 years of age, Yesuanjagala Carsteen has dreams of leading nations in worship, and becoming an eminent Christian recording artist and it looks like he just might be on his way to making those dreams come true.

Carsteen was on Sunday night announced as the winner of the ‘Can You Praise‘ talent search competition envisioned by gospel dance hall-ragga artist Nasejje Jaliah better known as Zabuli.

The competition started months back with over 46 Christian contestants from various parts of the country meeting for auditions at Eliana Hotel in Ntinda, a location in northeastern Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

Carsteen made an impression on the judges with his spirit-filled ministration since day one. In one audition round, he left all judges (Zabuli, D.Reign, JohnMarie Sengendo, Kateregga John, Reborn Status and Andrea Presson!) completely floored with his vocal ranges.

From there, Carsteen continued to crank up the heat, constantly being showered with praise from all the judges. During the finals on Sunday, guests Sandra Suubi and Solome Basuuta got to witness his incredible talent.

The other gifted contenders for the title in the finals were Faith Nazziwa (fourth runner up), Kalungi Jonah (third runner up), Debbie Grace (first runner up), Birazi Robert (fifth runner up) and Ngabo David (second runner up).

And so, Carsteen‘s win wraps up season one of ‘Can You Praise‘. He received a cash praise of 3 million shilling, and a recording deal with House of Dreign.
Who is Carsteen?

Carsteen‘s music journey kicked off at a tender age of 3. During Sunday school gatherings, he used to sing and take on leads for various songs, this made him gain momentum and certainty that he could actually sing and be more professional at that.

At the age of 10, he was given an opportunity to perform on bigger platforms, which pitched him a lot more.

Why he joined the talent search competition was due to the fact that he wanted to grow and delve more into the practical bit of music.

Carsteen said he will use his cash prize to invest into his music.
What Zabuli Says

According to Zabuli, ‘Can You Praise‘ talent search competiton will be held annually, and her desire is to see Christians from all across the country following the proceedings live, hear the stories of the contestants, and support the cause.

"The microphone is a symbol of power when it is held," the ‘Mwana wamulodi‘ hit maker says.

"When my career in music began, I did not know where to start or even go, but I trusted the one who called me. 5 years ago my music ministry manifested. I wish there was some sort of academy where I would have gone to teach me about intensional serving where its not just the art of the talent, but the extra effort you have to add to it to shine brighter and serve better," Zabuli says.

She believes the race this new generation of gospel ministers is called to run will include several unavoidable challenges that will demand the highest level of biblical fidelity and theological courage, matched to keen cultural sensitivity and a deep love for human beings caught in the maelstrom of late modernity.

Contestants went through a series of mentorship programs to be strengthen musically, physically and spiritually. According to Zabuli, even those that did not emerge as winners, will continuously interact with the judges as they pursue their musical dream.

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