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RANNY Williams Entertainment Centre was transformed into holy ground with the Kingston leg of Kevin Downswell Ministries' Realignment Tour, Chapter 3 last Saturday evening.

Patrons, who filled the venue, were not afraid to kick off their shoes, dance, and sing along to popular gospel hits.

Early acts including Jai Kingston, God Artiste, and Flavia Beswick got the audience into a praise-and-worship mood. However, when Jabez took the stage, he raised the energy with songs such as Christian Warrior, It's Cancelled and A Nuh One Prayer We Pray. When the audience heard the opening line of Drinking From My Saucer, they went wild.

Ryan Mark, who has been absent from the local stage, entertained with his dancehall-flavoured gospel. He said he was pleased to be part of the show.

"It means a lot to be a part of the movement. The mere fact that I haven't done it like that for a while; I have been pastoring for the past five years, so I have done concerts here and there, but I haven't done a live band show in the longest while. So, for me, tonight felt like I whole new experience. I really do commend Kevin for all the work that goes into this and the initiative," he told the Jamaica Observer.

Winner of the Realignment Online Contest, 20-year-old Kelontae Gavin from South Carolina became a crowd favourite. His rendition of How Great Is Our God and No Ordinary Worship resonated with the audience.

Patron Kimeisha Gayle said his performance was the highlight of her evening.

"He is so young and to see him ministering with his heart like that was such a powerful experience! We need more young men to not be afraid to praise God Almighty," she said.

Her sentiments were echoed by patron Sean Stevens.

"During his performance, I could feel his passion. He wasn't afraid to just be himself and worship. I am just 19 and sometime people look on you funny like yuh young why you wrap up inna church, but when I see others like myself I am encouraged to keep going," he said.

Headliner Kevin Downswell gave one of his signature performances. Some patrons were brought to tears, as he belted the lyrics to Free, That's Enough and I Feel Like Running.

He also shared five minutes of his set with Gavin.

Marsha Downswell, co-founder of the Realignment Tour, had high marks for the concert.

"There were people who gathered at the venue at 4 o'clock, just sitting and waiting for it to start. The thing about the Realignment Tour is, we are not just having three concerts in one location, we are going across the island and trying to reach as many persons as possible, people who have never experienced anything like this," she said.

Realignment Tour, which kicked off at Manning's High School in Westmoreland on Friday, ended at St Hilda's High School in St Ann last night. Proceeds are in aid of charities across the island.

"We recognised that people wanted to help and that there are people who need the help. When we go into these schools and the children see us they get so happy and excited that someone is seeing them and someone is making a big deal about them. We are happy that our sponsors are so willing to help, 'cause people want to reach out but don't know how, so they are there with us," she said. "We want people to know they are never alone, and through Realignment we get the opportunity to do so," Kevin Downswell added.

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