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Singer Grace Nakimera has opened up about her personal relationship with Jesus Christ and also revealed plans of proclaiming the gospel through music.

As declared in Jeremiah 20:9, God had instilled a fire down in Jeremiah that was unquenchable regardless of the challenges he was going through.

"His word is in my heart like a fire,
    a fire shut up in my bones.
I am weary of holding it in;
   indeed, I cannot."

The above scripture gives a brief summary of the thirst singer Nakimera feels now, an unquenchable desire to connect the world to Christ through her music.

"For me, this is the first time I feel like yeah, there‘s a purpose, now there‘s a reason. I‘m so happy to have Jesus in my life," She said during an interview with a local Christian channel.

For Nakimera, her cross over to gospel music isn‘t financially motivated: As per her remarks during the interview.

"It‘s not about money. Why? Because I‘m serving Christ. I‘m doing my part. I‘m putting that little brick on there and saying, ‘Christ please, here I am.‘ I am doing the best that I can with the little that I have. I love Christ. I want to share Him the way that I feel Him. All my music is going to be so personal. You‘re going to hear it and feel it," she said.

Grace Nakimera has been born-again for close to a year and a half. For those who have followed her social media accounts critically, there has been a shift in her communications, with majority drawn towards scripture.

"I do things on a personal level. I like the fact that the way I take Christ is like okay, there‘s no middleman. If I want to pray, I pray and He hears me out," she said.

Nakimera now joins a long list of notable main stream artists who have publicly professed faith in Christ and are eager to engage with society about the fulfillment they have found in serving Him.

Nakimera this month unveiled her latest gospel music song and video labelled ‘Anviriddeyo‘. She says she would not recommend anyone to pursue a secular music career.

"This particular song is a true life story. It‘s kind of my experience, how God came through for me in so many ways, unconditionally. You say a prayer, and every single time you see [what] He does for you. Sometime, there was a situation I got into and somebody told me, "You know what? No body can help you." I was hopeless. So whatever you hear in the song is a true life story. This is real music from my heart; from a real place," she said.

Now that Nakimera is into gospel music, can we expect the same energy and vibrancy she had before in her performances?

"God made me this way. So I‘m not going to flip and become like a saint and walk in mid air. No, that‘s impossible. I‘m still growing in Christ. I take each day as it comes. So, when you see Grace Nakimera, perform, when you hear her sing, expect that same energy the way God created me. I am still doing amazing music because I love quality music, you will hear all that fabulous art but in Jesus‘s name," she added.

Nakimera worked with singer-songwriter Silver Kyagulanyi and producer Henry Kiwuwa on this project.

Has her cross over to gospel music been smooth sailing?

Nakimera answers: "There‘s a bit of a challenge. I‘ll be honest with you. I know some people in this other world; They do really have each other‘s back. But then, when you go to Christian setting, sometimes they look at you [questioningly]. I wouldn‘t want to be in that situation. What I would like to say is that let‘s kind of take it easy on people who are just trying in Christ. They would expect a little more from Church than what‘s out there.

Adding: "The relationship I have is between me and Christ. His love is enough. It doesn‘t matter how somebody else treats me. I‘m crazy about Jesus because of the situations He brought me through… I wouldn‘t advise anybody to go this way (referring to the secular industry). There‘s stuff, drugs and alcohol. Christ brought us from all this. He is self sufficient. There is money this side to (referring to the gospel music industry). Artists have to be creative and patient. The bible says; But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. God is not a liar."

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