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Majesty (Here I am) - Leeland LIRIK VIDEO
#Here I am humbled by your Majesty Covered by your grace so free

Majesty (Here I am) - Michael Janz LIRIK VIDEO
#Here I am humbled by your Majesty Covered by your grace so free

Majesty (Here I am) - Hayley Westenra LIRIK VIDEO
#Here I am humbled by your Majesty Covered by your grace so free

My Desire - William McDowell LIRIK VIDEO
#Lord we come With our hearts wide open

My Life is in You, Lord LIRIK VIDEO
#My life is in You, Lord; My strength is in You, Lord;

Maranatha - Jesus is Coming Again VIDEO
#In the twinkling of an eye, He is coming

Maranatha - Matt Maher LIRIK VIDEO
#come let us go to the house of the Lord

Made New - Lincoln Brewster LIRIK VIDEO
#You re calling me over You`re pulling me close

Mended - Matthew West LIRIK VIDEO
#When you see broken beyond repair I see healing beyond belief

My Redeemer Lives - Nicole C. Mullen LIRIK VIDEO
#Who taught the sun where to stand in the morning?

Mulia sembah Raja mulia (Majesty Worship His Majesty) LIRIK VIDEO
#Mulia sembah Raja mulia Bagi Yesus puji, hormat, dan kuasa Oh,

My Everything - Owl City LIRIK VIDEO
#When my hope is lost And my strength is gone I run to you and you alone

Mighty is the Power of the Cross - Chris Tomlin LIRIK VIDEO
#What can take a dying man and raise him up to life again?

My All In All - Phil Wickham LIRIK VIDEO

My Victory - Crowder LIRIK VIDEO
#You came for criminals and every pharisee You came for hypocrites, even one like me

Make Me a River - Casting Crowns LIRIK VIDEO
#In the morning when I rise Jesus be my eyes

Magnify - We Are Messengers LIRIK VIDEO
#I ve been trying to make sense of the sorrow that I feel

More Than Conquerors - Steven Curtis Chapman LIRIK VIDEO
#Now there is no condemnation, now there is no guilt or shame For those who have been covered by the blood of Jesus

My All In All - Phil Wickham LIRIK VIDEO
#You are my life, You are my love You are my reason

Mountain - Hillsong United (Zion (Deluxe Edition)) LIRIK VIDEO
#See a light in the darkness A city shining without a veil

Maybe This Time - Tamela Mann, Tasha Cobbs, and Sarah Reeves LIRIK VIDEO
#Show me your face Fill up this space

My Soul Surrenders - JPCC Worship LIRIK VIDEO
#Here I am with my arms lifted high As the light begins to fade

My Life - The Walls Group LIRIK VIDEO
#I dont wanna be that lad to make you second guess who Im representing


Made For Worship - Planetshakers LIRIK VIDEO

My Hero - Planetshakers LIRIK

Mercy Is A Song - Matthew West LIRIK VIDEO
#Mercy is a song, singing to my heart

Mistakes - Melody Noel & Influence Music LIRIK VIDEO
#You saw what You had made Said it was good

#If I didn t know what it hurt like to be broken

Made To Worship - Chris Tomlin LIRIK
#Before the day Before the light

Maker Of The Universe - Phil Keaggy LIRIK VIDEO
#The Maker of the universe As Man for man was made a curse

My Deliverer - Rich Mullins LIRIK VIDEO
#Joseph took his wife and her child and they went to Africa

Me And God - Josh Turner LIRIK VIDEO
#There ain t nothing that can t be done By me and God

More Beautiful You - Jonny Diaz LIRIK VIDEO
#Little girl fourteen flipping through a magazine

My Redeemer Lives - Rueben Morgan LIRIK VIDEO
#I know He rescued my soul His blood covered my sin

My Savior My God - Aaron Shust LIRIK VIDEO
#I am not skilled to understand What God has willed what God Has planned

Masterpiece - Danny Gokey LIRIK VIDEO
#Heartbreaks a bitter sound Know it well It s ringing in my ears

More Than Anything - Natalie Grant LIRIK VIDEO
#I know if you wanted to you could wave your hand

Mine - Hollyn LIRIK VIDEO
#Nothing in this world Nothing in this whole wide world

My Revival - Lauren Daigle LIRIK VIDEO
#I will run and not grow weary I will walk, I will not faint

Meant to Be - Steven Curtis Chapman LIRIK VIDEO
#Long before you drew your first breath A dream was coming true

My Own Little World - Matthew West LIRIK VIDEO
#In my own little world it hardly ever rains I ve never gone hungry, always felt safe

My Redeemer Is Faithful and True - Steven Curtis Chapman LIRIK VIDEO
#As I look back on this road I ve traveled I see so many times He carried me through

Memorized - Mat Kearney, RAC LIRIK VIDEO
#I know you by heart like ink on my sleeve Right from the start makin memories

My Life - Branan Murphy LIRIK VIDEO
#Im one of the usual suspects Im an unlikely candidate

My Hallelujah - Bryan & Katie Torwalt LIRIK VIDEO
#Peace, be still Calm this soul I need You here now

More To Come - Passion LIRIK VIDEO
#You re the God who makes the giants fall You bring down the walls of Jericho

Mistakes - Unspoken VIDEO

My Recovery - Unspoken LIRIK VIDEO
#There was a light that found me in darkness Failing and hopeless barely alive

My Church - Maren Morris LIRIK VIDEO
#I ve cussed on a Sunday I ve cheated and I ve lied

More Than Anything - Anita Wilson LIRIK VIDEO
#I love you Jesus, I worship and adore you

More Like Jesus - Jonathan Cain VIDEO

My God - Jeremy Camp LIRIK VIDEO
#All of who You are reaches the darkest parts Lifting the weight and erasing the scars that had a hold on me

My World Needs You - Kirk Franklin LIRIK VIDEO
#Show me your face Fill up this space My world needs you right now

My Sweet Lord - George Harrison LIRIK VIDEO
#My sweet lord Hm, my lord

More Than Anything - Corey Voss & Madison Street Worship LIRIK VIDEO
#Maker of Heaven You stepped into time To render salvation

My Trust Is in You - David G LIRIK VIDEO
#lion of Judah my trust is in you

Majesty - Gloria Gaither LIRIK VIDEO
#Majesty, worship His majesty. Unto Jesus be all glory, honor and praise.

My God - Nashville Life Music Feat Mr. Talkbo LIRIK VIDEO
#You give me that joy like a river You give me that mercy I never deserve

Mighty To Save - Anthony Evans LIRIK VIDEO
#Everyone needs compassion, Love thats never failing;

Me - Mallary Hope LIRIK VIDEO
#I could be stronger, I could be braver

My God - Mallary Hope LIRIK VIDEO
#He s got, He s got the whole world in His hands

My Feet Are On The Rock - I AM THEY LIRIK VIDEO
#I can see the clouds roll in And I can feel the wind as they try to shake me

Messiah/You're Beautiful - Phil Wickham LIRIK VIDEO
#I see Your face in every sunrise The colors of the morning are inside Your eyes

Move On Up A Little Higher - Mahalia Jackson LIRIK VIDEO
#One a-these mornings Soon one morning

Mercy Tree - Anthony Evans LIRIK VIDEO
#On a hill called Calvary There stands an endless mercy tree - Son of God

My Miracle - Brad Paisley LIRIK VIDEO
#This is the gospel, according to me A tale of whiskey turned to wine

Majesty (Here I am) - Seth Pinnock LIRIK VIDEO
#Majesty, Majesty Your grace has found me just as I am

Mention - FreshStart Worship LIRIK VIDEO
#We call you lord we call you adonai

My Hands Are Lifted Up - Jovonta Patton LIRIK VIDEO
#My hands are lifted up My heart is ready to receive

My Worship - Phil Thompson LIRIK VIDEO
#You Lord, You are worthy And no one can worship You for m

Misfits - Apollo LTD LIRIK VIDEO
#Sick and tired of seekin straight lines

My Love On You - Titus Glenn Morning Worship Pour VIDEO

My Reason - Planetshakers LIRIK VIDEO
#I dont need another reason I just think about my Jesus

More Than I Can Bear - Kirk Franklin LIRIK VIDEO
#I ve gone through the fire And I ve been through the flood

Made A Way - Travis Greene LIRIK VIDEO
#Made a way Dont know how but you did it

My Salvation Prayer - New Day Praise VIDEO

My Heart is Calling - Whitney Houston LIRIK VIDEO
#Who would ve thought of it That I might feel like this

More - Sanctus Real LIRIK VIDEO
#Its hard to believe this is just the beginning You re still on the move

My Hope Is In The Lord - Sanctus Real LIRIK VIDEO
#Be still my soul for the best is yet to come Though the earth below is shaking

My Soul Magnifies The Lord - Chris Tomlin LIRIK VIDEO
#Good news of great joy For every woman, every man

Make A Way - Desperation Band LIRIK VIDEO
#Where there is no way You make a way

Made For Worship - Planetshakers LIRIK VIDEO
#I abandon, every distraction My attention is set on You

Majesty (Here I am) - Delirious LIRIK VIDEO
#Here I am humbled by your Majesty

Majesty (Jack Hayford) LIRIK VIDEO
#Majesty Worship His majesty

Majesty - Hayli Lindgren LIRIK VIDEO
#I dedicate my life To the service of a king An open book to write

Majesty - King of Kings and Lord of Lords! - Delirious? LIRIK VIDEO
#Here I am humbled by Your Majesty

Majesty of Heaven - Chris Tomlin LIRIK VIDEO
#Majesty of heaven You`re glory fills the skies

Make Way for the King - Lenny LeBlanc LIRIK VIDEO

Marvelous Light (Charlie Hall) LIRIK VIDEO
#Into marvelous light I`m running

Matter of Faith - Peter Furler LIRIK VIDEO
#We all know and believe There`s more than what we see

Me And God (Walmart Soundcheck) - Josh Turner LIRIK VIDEO

Me Without You - TobyMac LIRIK VIDEO
#Raindrops rollin off my brim

Meet With Me - Ten Shekel Shirt LIRIK VIDEO

Mercy Is Falling LIRIK VIDEO
#Hey yo I`v recieved your mercy

Messengers - Lecrae LIRIK VIDEO
#Calling all the messengers, And I know it`s al-right, right, right

#aku anak yang kecil, buatlah hatiku menjadi bersih

Mi Corazon - Don Moen LIRIK VIDEO

Mighty To Save - Ben Fielding | Reuben Morgan LIRIK VIDEO

Mighty to Save - Laura Story LIRIK VIDEO
#Everyone needs compassion Love that s never failing

Moment Made for Worshipping - Steven Curtis Chapman LIRIK VIDEO

More - Matthew West LIRIK VIDEO
#Take a look at the mountains Stretching a mile high

More Beautiful You - Johnny Diaz LIRIK VIDEO
#Little girl fourteen flipping through a magazine

More Like Falling in Love - Jason Gray LIRIK VIDEO

More Love More Power LIRIK VIDEO

More of You - Colton Dixon LIRIK VIDEO
#I made my castle tall I built up every wall

More Than You Think I Am - Danny Gokey LIRIK VIDEO
#You always think I am somewhere on a mountain top

Mountain Of God - Third Day LIRIK VIDEO
#Thought that I was all alone Broken and afraid

Mountaintop - The City Harmonic LIRIK VIDEO
#The valley low that s where we ll make our homes

Move (Keep Walkin') - TobyMac LIRIK VIDEO

Multiplied - Needtobreathe LIRIK VIDEO
#Your love is like radiant diamonds Bursting inside us we cannot contain

Multiplied Needtobreathe - Lauren Daigle LIRIK VIDEO

My Best Days Are Ahead of Me - Danny Gokey LIRIK VIDEO

My Heart Is Alive - Planetshakers LIRIK VIDEO CHORD

My Heart Is Yours - Kristian Stanfill LIRIK VIDEO
#I give You my life I give You my trust

My Heart Is Yours - Passion LIRIK VIDEO
#I give you my life I give you my trust

My Help Comes From The Lord - Scott and Kelli VIDEO

My Help Comes From The Lord - The Museum LIRIK VIDEO

My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less (Hymn) LIRIK VIDEO

My Jesus I Love Thee (I Love You Jesus) LIRIK VIDEO

My Savior Lives LIRIK VIDEO
#Our God will reign forever, I know that my redeemer lives

My Savior My God (Aaron Shust, Dorothy Dora Greenwell) LIRIK VIDEO
#I am not skilled to understand What God has willed, what God has planned

My Saviour - Planetshakers LIRIK VIDEO
#You are the light of the world, You are the only way to heaven

My Soul Is Anchored - Douglas Miller VIDEO

My Soul Longs for You - Jesus Culture LIRIK VIDEO
#My Soul Longs For You My Soul Longs For You

My Story - Big Daddy Weave LIRIK VIDEO
#If I told you my story, If I told you my story

My Tribute - Andre Crouch VIDEO

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Hari ini, 22 Oktober - Maz 119:10-16, Yer 24-25, 1 Tim 1, Ams 27:5-6

22 Oktober - Yohanes 6:60-71, 1 Petrus 4: 1-11, Kidung 6, Ratapan 1

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He Who Would Valiant Be Hymn

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26 Old Timeless Gospel Hymns Classics

Rabu, 20 Maret 2019
Sing - Ellie Holcomb

Minggu, 20 Oktober 2019
Joy To The World - David Crowder

Minggu, 20 Oktober 2019
The First Noel - Third Day

Minggu, 20 Oktober 2019
Away in a Manger - Casting Crowns

Minggu, 20 Oktober 2019
Come and Worship - Bebo Norman

Minggu, 20 Oktober 2019
O Come O Come Emmanuel - Casting Crowns

Minggu, 20 Oktober 2019
Hallelujah (Light Has Come) - BarlowGirl

Minggu, 20 Oktober 2019
Hark The Herald Angels Sing - Matt Maher

Minggu, 20 Oktober 2019
O Come All Ye Faithful - Casting Crowns

Minggu, 20 Oktober 2019
Let Us Adore - Hillsong Worship

Jumat, 18 Oktober 2019
Wanted - Danny Gokey

Rabu, 16 Oktober 2019
Oh The Glory of His Presence - Terry MacAlmon

Rabu, 16 Oktober 2019
No Longer Slaves - Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

Rabu, 16 Oktober 2019
In Jesus' Name - Darlene Zschech

Rabu, 16 Oktober 2019
Breakthrough - Red Rocks Worship

Rabu, 16 Oktober 2019
Breathe - Hillsong Worship

Rabu, 16 Oktober 2019
Love Won't Give Up - Elevation Worship

Rabu, 16 Oktober 2019
Here in the Presence - Elevation Worship

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