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Lagu Rohani Kristiani
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The Ascension of Jesus Song
Jesus Is Risen Song
Songs on The Blood of Jesus
City Harvest Church
Come Holy Spirit I Need You - City Harvest Church
# Come, Holy Spirit, I need you Come, sweet Spirit, I pray...

Kari Jobe
Healer - Kari Jobe
# You re my Healer You hold my every moment You calm my raging seas ...

Even If - MercyMe
# They say sometimes you win some Sometimes you lose some...

Don Moen
As We Worship You - Don Moen
# As we worship You, let all the world come and see How the mercy we received from...

Be Still My Soul - Selah
# Be still, my soul: the Lord is on thy side....

Don Moen
# Be strong and take courage Do not fear or be dismayed...

Jason Crabb
Daystar Shine Down on Me - Jason Crabb
# Lilly of the valley, let your sweet aroma fill my life...

Alvin Slaughter
Faith is the Key - Alvin Slaughter
# there are things in this life that happen thats not fair...

Faithful One - Selah
# I find no hope within to call my own For I am frail of heart, my strength is gon...

Vince Gill
Go Rest High On That Mountain - Vince Gill
# I know your life On earth was troubled...

Don Moen
Great Is Thy Faithfulness - Don Moen
# Great is Thy Faithfulness, O God my Father...

Alvin Slaughter
He alone is worthy - Alvin Slaughter
# Who d be found worthy In the heavens or the earth...

Alvin Slaughter
Holy Spirit Rain Down - Alvin Slaughter
# Holy Spirit, rain down, rain down...

I Believe - James Fortune & Fiya
# This keeps me going on those days when I feel like giving up...

Vince Gill
I Still Believe In You - Vince Gill
# Everybody wants a little piece of my time...

Alvin Slaughter
I Will Run To You - Alvin Slaughter
# Your eye is on the sparrow And Your hand, it comforts me...

Jason Crabb
I'm Amazed - Jason Crabb / The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
# No One Knew How Alone I Was Feeling,...

Alvin Slaughter
It is Finished - Alvin Slaughter
# There s a line that is drawn thru the ages...

Don Moen
Jesus You Are My Healer - Don Moen
# Jesus, Son of God Only You can save me...

Alvin Slaughter
Jesus, Your presence Makes Me Whole - Alvin Slaughter
# Oh, Jesus Your Presence Make Me Whole...

Alvin Slaughter
Made Me Glad - Alvin Slaughter
# I will bless the Lord forever And I will trust Him at all times...

Alvin Slaughter
Midnight Cry - Alvin Slaughter
# I hear the sound Of a mighty rushing wind...

Alvin Slaughter
Oh, The Glory of Your Presence - Alvin Slaughter
# Oh the glory of Your Presence We, Your Temple give you reverence...

Jessica Reedy
Peace Be Still - Jessica Reedy

Alvin Slaughter
Power In The Name of Jesus - Alvin Slaughter
# There s power in the name of Jesus, Healing in the name of Jesus...

Crabb Family
Redeemer - Crabb Family
# Who taught the sun Where to stand in the morning...

Alvin Slaughter
Sacrifice of Praise - Alvin Slaughter & Inside Out
# Lord I lift a song of worship For Your glory and Your grace...

Jessica King
Sometimes It Takes A Storm - Jessica King
# First When your waters are so troubled,...

Alvin Slaughter
The Lord's Prayer - Alvin Slaughter
# Our father, which are in heaven...

Jason Crabb
Walk On Water - Jason Crabb
# Everybody covets, everybody lies everybody s done it sometime in their lives...

You Raise Me Up - Selah
# When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;...

Mahalia Buchanan
Heal Me Jesus - Mahalia Buchanan
# Signs and wonders he can do Miracles and healing He will do it for you...

Don Moen
Healer Of My Soul - Don Moen
# Jesus, Son of God Only You can save me...

Tamela Mann
Here I Am - Tamela Mann
# I never imagine Id feel this way Hopelessly lost...

Benny Hinn
Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome - Benny Hinn
# Holy Spirit Thou art welcome in this place Holy Spirit Thou art welcome in this ...

Charles Jenkins
My God is Awesome - Charles Jenkins
# My God is awesome He can move mountains...

Michael W. Smith
Our God is an Awesome God - Michael W. Smith
# When He rolls up His sleeves He aint just puttin on the Ritz...

We Bow Down - Viola
# We bow down and confess You are Lord in this place...

Phil Wickham
You're Beautiful - Phil Wickham
# I see Your face in every sunrise The colors of the morning are inside Your eyes...

Way Maker - Sinach
# You are here Moving in our midst...

Wonderful Merciful Saviour
# Wonderful, merciful Saviour Precious Redeemer and Friend...

Youtube Healing Music For Christian - 3 Hour Peaceful Music

Youtube Healing Music For Christian - Deep Prayer Music

Bless the Lord Oh My Soul - Hallelujah - Jenn & Brian Johnso

All His Benefits - Truth

Don Moen
How Great Thou Art - Don Moen
# Oh Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder...

If You Could See Me Now - Truth
# Our prayers have all been answered I finally arrived...

Paul Baloche
No Eye Has Seen - Paul Baloche, Integrity's Hosanna! Music
# No eye has seen No ear has heard...

Jason Crabb
Please Forgive Me - Gordon Mote & Jason Crabb
# My sleep is gone, my heart is full of sorrow...

Alvin Slaughter
Champion Of Love - Alvin Slaughter
# Ladies and gentlemen May I have your attention?...

Benny Hinn
He Touched Me - Benny Hinn
# Shackled by a heavy burden Neath a load of guilt and shame...

James Fortune
I Believe - James Fortune
# I believe the storm will soon be over...

Crabb Family
I'd Rather Have Jesus - Crabb Family
# I d rather have Jesus than silver or gold...

Alvin Slaughter
Inside Out - Alvin Slaughter
# Lord I lift a song of worship For Your glory and Your grace...

COVID-19 prayer song-STILL BY HILLSONG cover by CHERYL

Prays for End soon of Coronavirus Pandemic With Religious Christian Songs-God Will Heal & Protect Us

Bless The Broken Road - Selah
# I set out on a narrow way, many years ago...

Don Moen
God Will Make A Way - Don Moen
# God will make a way Where there seems to be no way, God will make away...

Lauren Talley
He Will Carry You - Lauren Talley
# There is no problem too big, God cannot solve it...

Don Moen
# Heal me Oh Lord, And I will be healed...

Michael W. Smith
Healing Rain - Michael W. Smith
# Healing rain is coming down It`s coming nearer to this old town...

Don Moen
I am the God that healeth Thee - Don Moen
# I am the God that Healeth thee...

I Can Only Imagine - MercyMe
# I can only imagine what it will be like When I walk by your side...

Don Moen
I Will Sing - Don Moen
# Lord, You seem so far away A million miles or more, it feels today...

Crystal Lewis
It Is Well With My Soul - Crystal Lewis
# When peace like a river attendeth my way,...

Don Moen
Our Father - Don Moen
# Hear our prayer We are Your children And we"ve gathered here today, bless me...

Wonderful Merciful Savior - Selah
# Wonderful, merciful Savior Precious Redeemer and Friend...

You Are My Hiding Place - Selah
# You are my hiding place You always fill my heart...

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